Get a small business loan with bad credit -Loans for business owners with bad credit

Anyone who has a business or wants to start an existence often needs cash for different purposes. This can be an investment in the form of a new purchase, money for another job or a renovation. A loan for entrepreneurs is available as a loan through a bank or privately.

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Large corporations and corporations have their house banks, with whom they can fulfill their loan requests, for example, with larger investments. Lending is often more difficult for medium and small businesses to a one-man operation. As is generally the case with loans, the rule of thumb is that a larger loan for a larger investment is often easier to obtain than a small loan.

This also applies to the start-up entrepreneur, who only has a chance to get a loan for entrepreneurs with a very well prepared business plan. The house bank is the first point of contact here, be it as a lender for an already existing company or as a loan for business start-ups.

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Current account credit for entrepreneurs with flexible capital requirements

Current account credit for entrepreneurs with flexible capital requirements

Entrepreneurs have no regular income and depend on the income from their customers. If the businessman works on account, he is also dependent on the payment behavior of his business partners and customers.

Here, a straightforward scheduling loan can help to compensate for financial bottlenecks, such as a lull or defaulting customers. Such a loan for entrepreneurs directly from the business account is also called current account credit.

For newcomers, low capital companies or entrepreneurs with shaky balance sheets, such loans are often only available under difficult conditions in the business. Here a conversation with the house bank is necessarily indicated.

In any case, the bank will thoroughly review balance sheets and books of account before granting such credit to entrepreneurs. Companies that work with high sums of money and have been successful in the business for a long time often find it easier than one-man companies with uncertain future prospects.

Even companies in sensitive sectors such as gastronomy often have problems obtaining such a loan.

Special loans and grants for business start-ups

Special loans and grants for business start-ups

For business founders who want to start a business, there are various promotional programs that can be obtained on special loans at very favorable conditions. Especially in the field of innovation and environmental protection, there are interesting funding opportunities, often different from state to state.

The institute provides brochures on funding opportunities and a loan for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas, applications can be filled out and sent directly via the Internet. The employment agencies also provide information about possible loans for start-up entrepreneurs who want to become entrepreneurs.

Loans are also available for the creation of new jobs, for example, those with long-term unemployed people. Individual advice and examination of the individual case decide here about the granting of credits.

If the credit commitment is difficult, the entrepreneur can claim a personal loan. This can be done, for example, by a devotee or a good friend, not infrequently interest-free or at very favorable repayment terms. More recently, personal loans have come into fashion via the Internet.

What to do when a bank rejected a loan application?

Life likes to play tricks on us. Usually unexpected. For example, like this when the bank rejects our loan application . Surprise, anger and helplessness – these feelings usually accompany us when we hear about a negative credit decision. Instead of breaking down, it is better to mobilize yourself and take action. There are usually two reasons why a bank refuses to grant us a loan: low creditworthiness and unpaid liabilities. How to deal with each of these cases?


Low creditworthiness

credit score

We are dealing with it if, according to the bank, our earnings are too low to secure payment of installments. In this case, we can: apply for a second loan, this time for a smaller amount, look for an additional source of income or go for non-bank loans.

You can choose from traditional loan companies such as Provident or Wonga as well as community loans such as Kokos. The advantage of the former is the quick time to grant a decision and the same time to pay it out.

The conditions are unfortunately somewhat worse than for social loans.

Therefore, if we are not in a hurry, it is worth getting interested in the latter, which can be provided on better terms. Social loans operate on the basis of auctions that you issue. You provide the loan amount you want to obtain and the interest rate you can accept.

Private investors participate in your auction and give their offers. However, to be able to place such an auction, you must have an appropriate experience in being a member of Kokos or another social loan. Unfortunately, we don’t always have enough of this time.


Unpaid debts

Unpaid debts

This is the second reason for the bank’s rejection of loan applications. Old, past due debts are visible in BIK registers . On their basis, banks do not want to grant new loans, fearing that they will not be repaid either. Then the only solution is cash loans against movable or immovable property.

One of these is a moto loan. You can use it if you are e.g. a car owner.

The amount of such a loan, which can reach up to $ 100,000, depends primarily on the value and valuation of the vehicle you want to pledge. Another company operating on similar principles is the Crown Fund.

In this case, the pledge may be real estate for which you have a legal title and are not subject to bailiff seizure or mortgage. The maximum amount of the loan in the Borona Fund is $ 10,000 and the value of the pledge must exceed $ 10,000.

Low income and loan chance

The level of earnings in Poland is still a very sensitive topic for Poles. There are talk of national averages, which in practice are often not true. According to research, as many as 2/3 of Poles earn less than the average mentioned earlier. Low earnings and the need to support the family translate into creditworthiness and living standards. That’s why people often decide to take out a loan to buy a car or go on vacation.


Low earnings and the possibility of loans

money loan

Earnings at the level of the minimum salary $ 1286 per month can be an obstacle to getting a loan from the bank. Unfortunately, with such money we are not able to save money for a rainy day. What to do in an emergency? Online loans can then help.


A bank loan at the lowest in Poland

bank loan

Banks approach each client very individually. So, for example, two people earning the lowest national may not be equal. For example, a person without a family who lives with their parents will receive a small bank loan, while a person with a family and a household may have obstacles.

This is mainly due to our creditworthiness. It is easier for a lonely person to pay back a loan, and this mainly affects the bank’s final decision.


Bank loan – application refused

Bank loan - application refused

It is very common for a bank application to be rejected. However, we do not have to give up our plans, because parabanks meet our problems. We can often get a certain amount on similar or even better conditions. The Internet is full of offers guaranteeing loans for $ 0, subject to timely repayment.

Happysmile Loans, Loans or BitCredit is one of those with very good offers. The bank’s refusal does not have to be the end of plans for us.


Installment loan online

Installment loan online

Internet loans with the possibility of repayment in installments have recently enjoyed great popularity. Their definite plus is that the installments are set in the amount appropriate for the customer, which greatly facilitates the repayment of obligations without disturbing the household budget. Importantly, the loan can be repaid earlier and the company will pay interest for the remaining period.

Happysmile Loans, Corona Finance and Aasa are some of the parabanks that grant online installment loans.

However, before you decide to borrow cash online , it’s worth considering whether we can pay your debts. It is good to specify how much we can devote to the monthly installment so as not to disturb home finances. Most importantly, use reasonable judgment not to recalculate and not fall into a spiral of debt.

Personal Loan – What You Need to Know About It?

Do you want to get a personal loan?

Do you want to get a personal loan?

Understandably, this is not by far the most popular type of loan: it does not require collateral, is quick and easy to access, and has a favorable interest rate. However, the OTP version of a personal loan , when applied for online, takes this already successful product one step further!

The OTP version of the personal loan is almost identical to the one offered by other banks. Of course there are differences. The APR is 7.2-19.9%, the loan can be taken from 100.000-8.000.000 HUF and the maturity can be 13-84 months. If you keep a current account with a bank and receive at least $ 25,000 in credit each month, and have a net banking contract, you may want to apply for an OTP personal loan online, so you can start applying at home, on the go, or at work . You can do everything on the bank’s website, just a few clicks and you’ve already submitted your credit request. However, there is an amazing feature to this form of loan application: you can get money in your account in as little as 40 minutes! Take a look at our Partner offers and choose one.


Conditions to obtain credit

Conditions to obtain credit

There are, of course, conditions that you must meet if you want to obtain credit. You must be 21 years of age or older, and you will need to present your ID card, which must be valid, as well as your permanent, registered Hungarian address, which must be verified with your address card. The minimum period of employment is 6 months, of which at least three are in the current workplace, with a minimum net income of HUF 75,000. Of course, you cannot be on the negative list of the KHR system. However, if you can fulfill these, there is nothing to prevent you from obtaining an OTP version of your personal loan ! For more information on OTP products, click here!

Interested in your interest?

Interested in your interest?

No wonder, since the OTP personal loan offer has many advantages and favorable conditions, we advise you not to hesitate to compare with other banks and choose the one that suits you best! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

What do we usually borrow money for?

The phenomenon of incurring various commitments is becoming more and more common among Poles. We borrow in banks, in private loan companies, it even happens that we go after a request to family or friends.

According to statistics from the National Debt Register, over half of adult Poles have used a financial commitment, at least once.


Why do we borrow?

Because we earn too little and we have enough for the first? Or maybe because we really want to have what our neighbor has and we can’t afford it, we buy it on credit? What do we usually spend the money on? Do we get into debt because we have no choice, or do we do it recklessly, without a deeper thought, only to raise the standard of living and get on with others?

Financial market research indicates that the group who most often uses loans or payday loans are people between 30 and 40 years old. About 70% of respondents in this group used this type of cash injection. Among the respondents aged 40-50, about 70% used loans. In addition, surveys show that about 20% of households spend more than half of their income on repayment of liabilities. This is a very disturbing phenomenon.


Loan habits of Poles

Loan habits of Poles

It turns out that most often we borrow on current matters, to pay bills, for basic needs. Why is it like that? Can we not afford basic existence? Or maybe we are not in the habit of putting off even the smallest amount for the so-called rainy day, and we like to live a little for the show, as the old Polish proverb indicates – put up and put yourself up?

Some want to live the moment without thinking about how they will pay their obligations, which they will live on later. The analyzes show that women borrow more often for everyday needs. Probably this is due to the fact that they are more often involved in running a household budget.


And if we borrow then where?

And if we borrow then where?

Because just a few years ago we most often used the benefits of the family. Nobody liked it, but sometimes there was no way out and you had to get addicted to your aunt or grandfather. Explain what we borrow and listen to, how awkward we are, we can not put down or earn more. This is a very unpleasant situation.

Today, the vast majority of beneficiaries of loans borrow money from the bank, if they have the opportunity, and if they do not, they reach for non-bank loans .

We already know that we usually borrow on a daily basis. What else do we use the loan funds for? It turns out that holidays or holidays are a fairly frequent reason for contracting obligations. Although these offers are more often used by men between 30 and 45 years old. Why don’t they put it off for this vacation?

Because usually they are already having family, children and for them a holiday trip is no longer a cheap matter.

We are also happy to borrow money for the purchase of home appliances and electronics. We are still in a comfortable situation when we are planning renovation relatively early, and therefore equipment replacement. Then we can read the offers and choose the most advantageous. It is worse when the equipment breaks down and we quickly need to replace it with a new one. Then we take whatever we want, because we simply need it in the world.

Unfortunately, it also happens that people borrow for medicines or for therapy. Unfortunately, this is the sad truth about our society. The worst and most pernicious incurring liabilities is the one that is to cover others, contracted earlier. This is the shortest way to serious financial problems. We fall into the debt loop imperceptibly and it is not that easy to get out of it.


What do we need credit for?

credit score

We already know that we take out loans or payday loans to cover our current expenses. For bills, for holidays, or the purchase of equipment. What do we take out loans for? This is a financial commitment for a much longer time. It is often the case that we will pay back the commitment made until old age.

Poles like to go their own way and become independent. Unfortunately, only a few can afford an apartment or house. Only a few manage to get a flat as a gift, for example for a wedding or inheritance. We take a mortgage to buy a flat. It’s not as easy as taking a payday loan anymore.

Here, the recruitment process takes a relatively long time, you should complete a lot of formalities and wait much longer for a loan decision.

Another need for current young Poles is to own a car. This is a kind of indicator of the standard of our lives. Especially among men. It is difficult to buy a new or almost new car for cash with our earnings. It’s even harder to put it on, especially as we don’t put it aside. It is good if we have at least part of the amount set aside.

Then we can treat it as our own contribution. This will significantly reduce our budget.

Well, as we already have our dream “M”, and of course the car, what’s next? Time passes and a small or quite large renovation of our apartment or house could be useful. Although we often do renovations ourselves to save on the construction team, the total cost is never small.

Unfortunately, you can also see a significant increase in loans taken out at certain times, such as Christmas, Easter, the first communion period, or the beginning of the school year. And so it will look like until we learn to save, although small amounts. All the time we will need money for something, so in terms of loans and credits in the coming years rather not change much.

Credit collateral

Due to the fact that the potential borrower may prove insolvent, banks try to protect themselves against potential losses in various ways. The type of collateral used largely depends on the nature of the borrower, i.e. whether the client is an individual or an entrepreneur. Additional aspects are the loan amount and the purpose of the loan. Consumer loans are primarily associated with personal collateral, i.e. sureties or bills of exchange. The type of loan largely affects the type of its collateral.


Loan for an apartment

Loan for an apartment

It is commonly accepted that we are applying for a mortgage to buy an apartment. In practice, it is the mortgage that is the type of collateral obtained from the bank’s loan. A mortgage is a record in the land and mortgage register that allows the bank to pay its debts.

This means that if the borrower stops paying off the loan, the bank is entitled to the proceeds from the sale of the property. However, it should be remembered that the bank can only take the amount up to the amount of the mortgage. The bank also has the right to property claims against other borrowers’ creditors.


Various collateral for a home loan

Various collateral for a home loan

There is a so-called blank promissory note for frequent additional mortgage collateral. This document obliges its exhibitor to pay a specific amount of money to a given person, the date and place are specified. This promissory note does not contain a specific place and time.

They are supplemented on the basis of a declaration at the moment when we stop paying the liability.

A home loan is usually associated with two types of collateral, i.e. bridging insurance and mortgage insurance. In the first case, it is securing the bank’s interest in the period between the conclusion of the loan agreement and the entry in the land and mortgage register becoming valid.

The second case is related to the assignment of rights from the insurance policy to the bank. This means that, for example, in the event of random events such as a fire, compensation related to losses in a flat will be fully transferred to the bank’s account.


Car loan

Car loan

In the case of a car loan, two loan collateral are the most popular. They are a registered pledge and ownership transfer as security. In the event of a registered pledge, the borrower becomes the legal owner of the car, which is entered in the book of pledges.

If the borrower stops paying off the loan, the claims will be enforced by the bailiff. The transfer of ownership consists in the transfer of vehicle ownership to the creditor. In practice, this means that until the repayment of the last installment is completed, the car will be owned by the bank.


Other collateral for consumer loans

Other collateral for consumer loans

In addition to the fact that the mortgage is a form of loan collateral, banks also use other solutions. This is mainly about blocking funds on a bank account or deposit. Generally, banks apply blockades to consolidation and consumer loans, whose purpose is not fully defined.

If a block is applied to the account, we will not be able to use the blocked funds until we repay the last loan installment. It should be remembered that the bank’s rights are primarily to satisfy its claims. Importantly, the role of collateral can be played not only by the funds that we have in one particular bank.

The institution has the right to block our funds also on other bank accounts that we have in various banks.

However, a popular loan collateral is having a so-called loan guarantor . The surety consists in another person’s commitment to repay the loan in the event that the borrower is no longer able to pay his debt.

Currently, this security can be applied to virtually any type of loan, while strengthening the creditworthiness of the potential borrower.

Looking For A Business Loan – What Tax Free Loan?

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Payday loans are understandable while in Piła. Lublin Voivodeship, nickname prolonged payment. We offer non-bank loans via the Internet. See what are the rates of tax on civil law transactions. Make a note of the successive issue on our website.

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What to look for when applying for a mortgage?

A mortgage is a loan granted for a long period of time, and it can be used to buy an apartment, house or plot. A mortgage is a decision that is made often for life, so when choosing a loan, it is necessary to compare the offers available with each other. What should we pay the most attention to?


The total cost of the loan

loan cost

The total cost of credit is one of the most important issues regarding long-term liabilities. Of course, the loan amount we apply for will remain unchanged, but the total cost of the loan will definitely vary slightly depending on the bank.

This amount is influenced by various factors related to the current market situation, such as margin, interest rate, commission for the bank and additional loan insurance.

When applying for a housing loan, it is worth checking how much commission the bank collects. This fee is one-off, but it may vary depending on the bank. The margin is one of the factors that significantly affects the total cost of credit. It is a variable value, which means that to a large extent the loan installment depends on it.

The interest rate depending on the offer may be fixed or variable. In the case of permanent, the matter is simple, because it can be assumed in advance how high the monthly installments will be. The variable interest rate depends on the size of interest rates.

The best way to estimate the total cost of credit is to calculate the APRC indicator , which will determine the actual cost to you.


Fixed or variable installments?

Fixed or variable installments?

The consumer has the right to choose between fixed or decreasing installments. How does it look in practice? Well fixed installments are equal installments throughout the duration of the contract. The amount includes interest and principal repayment. A simple solution, and installments are usually not very high.

Decreasing installments is a better solution for people who are sure that their budget will bear this burden. Initially, the installments are high, and they decrease over time. In the initial installments, more interest is charged, and in the final installments mainly the majority of the debt is paid.


Repayment period, own contribution, currency

Repayment period, own contribution, currency

The loan repayment period is equally important. This commitment is always long-term, but it is up to the consumer how long it will last. If it has good credit standing, then higher installments and shorter repayment period will be better. The credit spread is increased by the maximum number of installments.

Own contribution is an option for foreign currency loans and negotiations with the bank.

Insurance, currency conversion and repayment grace are mandatory terms that must be read when applying for a mortgage.

How will your personal finances be affected

Now it’s been a while since the last blog post. It has been a little bad because of Christmas holidays and some holidays but now we are back with posts every week again. Good progress and hope you have a good 2014 both financially and on other levels. I thought I would go through some of what will happen to your finances this year based on changes of various kinds.

You could say that all those who have jobs win the most in 2014. This is due to tax cuts, wage increases and other such. According to a calculation by Swiftbank, a two-child family on average will have $ 1,300 more to move with this month compared to 2013.

It is not really as fun to be a pensioner, parental leave, sick leave or student as you cannot take advantage of all these increases. At the same time, some of the grants and the like, which are based on price base amounts, are lowered because prices have remained steady or even dropped a little lately.


Better for you who work

Better for you who work

Firstly, it is once again time for salary increases. This usually averages 3 percent. For someone who earns $ 25,000 a month, this would mean $ 750 before tax. Not so stupid. In addition, inflation is low, which means that you can expect to receive a salary increase that is greater than the increase in the prices of things. In other words, you’re going a little plus this year.

It is also time for some job tax deductions which will get you up to $ 350 more each month. The increase in the state tax break point did not stop since it was stopped, but it is still raised by 2 percent as it is standard every year. This means that you must pay state tax if you earn $ 36,160 or more. If you pay state tax, you also get some extra benefit from the job tax deduction.

Municipal taxes will increase slightly in parts of the country. About one-third of Swedes will receive higher municipal taxes, which dampens the effect of the job tax deduction a little. You can check it out if you are “hit”.

For those who are retired, there will be a slightly lower general pension as it is reduced by an average of $ 300. At most, the reduction is $ 470 before tax. However, you do get some increased grants and things that will probably make you go a little plus every month. For example, the tax is reduced by about $ 100 a month.


Grants and the like

Grants and the like

When it comes to students, they receive reduced student support by $ 20. So you get $ 9004 every month instead of $ 9024. However, you who work a little while studying can rejoice that you can compensate for this by limiting the limit on how much you can earn before you can no longer receive study support has been increased by $ 30,000 to $ 172,400.

The housing allowance is increased for families with children. You with one child get $ 200 more, two children give $ 250 and three children 300 $ etc. For more info on this you can check out the Swedish Social Insurance Agency’s website.

The highest sickness benefit is reduced by $ 2 per day. The new figure is $ 708. In practice, such a reduction will be around $ 60 less in the wallet each month before tax. It is the same for the parental allowance, it is also reduced by $ 2 per day and there the new figure becomes $ 944. Even there, it will be about $ 60 less a month before taxes are deducted.


Other interesting

personal finance

Rents tend to increase every year and also this year. They will rise by about 1.5 – 2 percent and that you will have to include in your budget for the year. For those of you who own your home, it might be interesting to know how the repo rate is doing and it will probably remain at 0.75% throughout 2014, so there are quiet pucks. Feels pretty calm about having a movable mortgage.

Entrepreneurs with, for example, trading companies become happy when the deductions are lowered so that there is a little more money left to put in their pocket (that category I fall into). The reduction is 2.5 percent and the new figure is 7.5 percent. The maximum limit for deductions is increased by $ 5000 to $ 15,000.

The alcohol tax is raised a little so that a bottle of liquor will be $ 1.90 more expensive, wine will be $ 1.40 more expensive and the beer can be 40 USD more expensive. It is not so much but maybe it is noticeable in the wallet for those who like to drink.

You go skiing? Then cap, scarf, travel insurance!

If you like winter sports but you haven’t been skiing this year, then it’s time to make sure you don’t slip off the ski season! However, before you dust off your ski boots and start to conquer snowy peaks, be sure to consider travel insurance as it can cost you millions if you are injured abroad. For maximum security, you should pay attention to these when traveling abroad.

Although there are many horror stories about traveling accidents and the amount of horror bills that result from them, there are still many who go on a trip abroad without insurance, even though you do not have to do extreme sports to get in trouble; you may need immediate care, just go bad on the old town cobblestones to sprain your ankle.


The costs of different health care costs vary from country to country

The costs of different health care costs vary from country to country

It’s a good idea to see what we can expect outside before getting on the road. It is important to be aware of the usefulness of the European Health Insurance Card within the EU, but only for primary care in your country, so you may still be covered for rescue, but you may need to have surgery, a longer hospital stay or repatriation.

Nowadays, you can choose from a wide range of insurance products, so you should thoroughly search the market to make sure you choose the one that really helps. For example, if you go skiing, check what’s in your insurance package, as some snow sports are considered extreme sports that may not be covered by all travel insurance.


Do you have insurance for your credit card?

Do you have insurance for your credit card?

Many may not be aware or simply forget that their credit card is often covered by insurance. “The advantage of credit card insurance is that they provide protection not only for one trip, but for up to 30 days on each trip throughout the year, and in some products the coverage can even extend to our family members, without necessarily having to travel together family. So value-for-money bank card insurance can be significantly cheaper, especially if we visit abroad several times a year, ” said Karolina Palazs , S-Superbank’s Banking Product Manager. For example, they have entered into an agreement with Allianz Hungária Insurance , which offers a structure that includes additional sports insurance, so their clients do not have to take out special occasional travel insurance, for example, to enjoy skiing on a designated track or dive within 18 meters in Europe.

“When applying for a new credit card, it is worth considering taking out travel insurance as well, as with a few thousand forints a year we can feel safe and know our family throughout the year. More serious travel insurance, from ankle boots to stolen luggage to helicopter rescue, can cover multiple types of accidents, wherever we start to relax, ” added S-Superbank’s Product Manager.