You go skiing? Then cap, scarf, travel insurance!

If you like winter sports but you haven’t been skiing this year, then it’s time to make sure you don’t slip off the ski season! However, before you dust off your ski boots and start to conquer snowy peaks, be sure to consider travel insurance as it can cost you millions if you are injured […]

New in banking offers – payday loans available at the bank

There is probably no adult who does not know the concept of ” online payday loan “. Everyone can associate differently, some think of them well, others rather have a different opinion, but everyone knows what it is about. We didn’t necessarily have to use them to become familiar with their ubiquitous offers – be […]

Loans without credit – where is the best way to get them?

Sometimes it turns out that we have to take a loan, but unfortunately this is prevented by bad BIK, i.e. a negative credit history. In this situation, banks do not want to grant loans, but fortunately this is not the end of the world.   What is bad BIK? If we happen to be late […]

How do you get a loan to pay back earlier obligations?

These types of loans are usually offered by non-bank companies. If we finally decided to take advantage of this offer, let’s get acquainted with the content of the contract before signing it. We need to know exactly what the final cost of this loan will be. People seeking this type of solutions often fell into […]

Car Credit Crunch: Trouble With Car Lending?

A common problem – for example, in car loan repayments – is that debt-bearing motor vehicles have more debt than the motor vehicle itself: the explanation lies in risky, long-term, unrealistically low leverage and the recent depreciation of the forint. Let’s look at the details!   The majority of car loans Estimated at 95% of […]