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The level of earnings in Poland is still a very sensitive topic for Poles. There are talk of national averages, which in practice are often not true. According to research, as many as 2/3 of Poles earn less than the average mentioned earlier. Low earnings and the need to support the family translate into creditworthiness and living standards. That’s why people often decide to take out a loan to buy a car or go on vacation.


Low earnings and the possibility of loans

money loan

Earnings at the level of the minimum salary $ 1286 per month can be an obstacle to getting a loan from the bank. Unfortunately, with such money we are not able to save money for a rainy day. What to do in an emergency? Online loans can then help.


A bank loan at the lowest in Poland

bank loan

Banks approach each client very individually. So, for example, two people earning the lowest national may not be equal. For example, a person without a family who lives with their parents will receive a small bank loan, while a person with a family and a household may have obstacles.

This is mainly due to our creditworthiness. It is easier for a lonely person to pay back a loan, and this mainly affects the bank’s final decision.


Bank loan – application refused

Bank loan - application refused

It is very common for a bank application to be rejected. However, we do not have to give up our plans, because parabanks meet our problems. We can often get a certain amount on similar or even better conditions. The Internet is full of offers guaranteeing loans for $ 0, subject to timely repayment.

Happysmile Loans, Loans or BitCredit is one of those with very good offers. The bank’s refusal does not have to be the end of plans for us.


Installment loan online

Installment loan online

Internet loans with the possibility of repayment in installments have recently enjoyed great popularity. Their definite plus is that the installments are set in the amount appropriate for the customer, which greatly facilitates the repayment of obligations without disturbing the household budget. Importantly, the loan can be repaid earlier and the company will pay interest for the remaining period.

Happysmile Loans, Corona Finance and Aasa are some of the parabanks that grant online installment loans.

However, before you decide to borrow cash online , it’s worth considering whether we can pay your debts. It is good to specify how much we can devote to the monthly installment so as not to disturb home finances. Most importantly, use reasonable judgment not to recalculate and not fall into a spiral of debt.


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