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43rd IFAWPCA Convention is Now Open for Registration

The construction industry is recognized as one of the key sectors to accelerate economic growth in any country and has contributed significantly to the prosperity and happiness of human race with its spirit of challenge and pioneering.


However, the world has been changing at an astonishing rate recently, and is now faced with various challenges, including but not limited to low-growth of the global economy, climate change, and excess supply.


Accordingly, it is required for the construction industry to secure the engines of growth by creating and leading new market opportunities, in order to actively respond to the changes of the global economic paradigm and the aggravation of global competition.


The importance of Industry Convergence- the development of new fields and creation of growth opportunity via combing individual technologies or products of various fields, or interconnecting different industries-has been increasing steadily.


Convergence has become the growing global trend as the combined result of stagnant growth of existing industries, maturation of technologies, and diversification of consumer demands. Integration of inter-industry is taking place by utilizing Internet of the Things (IOT) and artificial intelligence across all industries such as automobile, fashion, tourism and so on. It is evident that the new industrial order is being generated through convergence and innovation.


The construction industry is also seeking to transform to a high value-added industry through convergence with ICT (Internet & Communication Technology) and other industries to gain diverse perspectives for the new challenges of the century, such as smart-U-City construction, smart highway construction, natural disaster prevention system, application of robot mechanism and energy-saving systems.


Once the construction industry which is high-innovated is based on the complexity of diverse technologies and products, its capability is adequate to apply for developing business model of construction project that are affected to this industrial trend than that of other industries.

In tradition to traditional approaches of civil engineering and architectural engineering, the construction industry should take initiative to put in continuous efforts to integrate the service fields-for instance, IT, manufacturing, medical science, and culture-and create a new are of business with the construction industry at its core.


It will provide the driving force for the construction industry with which it can overcome the crisis at hand and take major step forward to the yet another level.


Individual nation’s efforts to achieve the goal are crucial; however, joint efforts would reap greater rewards. The members-states of IFAWPCA should establish networks and work with each other for the most satisfactory result.


43rd IFAWPCA Convention will provide participants with various opportunities to exchange the latest information and knowledge regarding the convergence of construction industries. In addition, it will serve as the best chance to present the vision and strategies for the future challenges.


We invite everyone to come and participate for the upcoming 43rd IFAWPCA Convention; it will be on May 30 until June 2, 2017, at Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas, South Korea.


The theme of the Convention is Convergence and Stepping Forward, to be hosted by Construction Association of Korea (CAK), organized by International Federation of Asian and Western Pacific Contractors Association (IFAWPCA) and supported by Korea Tourism Organization, Seoul Metropolitan Government.


43rd Registration and Accommodation Form