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Anyone who has a business or wants to start an existence often needs cash for different purposes. This can be an investment in the form of a new purchase, money for another job or a renovation. A loan for entrepreneurs is available as a loan through a bank or privately.

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Large corporations and corporations have their house banks, with whom they can fulfill their loan requests, for example, with larger investments. Lending is often more difficult for medium and small businesses to a one-man operation. As is generally the case with loans, the rule of thumb is that a larger loan for a larger investment is often easier to obtain than a small loan.

This also applies to the start-up entrepreneur, who only has a chance to get a loan for entrepreneurs with a very well prepared business plan. The house bank is the first point of contact here, be it as a lender for an already existing company or as a loan for business start-ups.

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Current account credit for entrepreneurs with flexible capital requirements

Current account credit for entrepreneurs with flexible capital requirements

Entrepreneurs have no regular income and depend on the income from their customers. If the businessman works on account, he is also dependent on the payment behavior of his business partners and customers.

Here, a straightforward scheduling loan can help to compensate for financial bottlenecks, such as a lull or defaulting customers. Such a loan for entrepreneurs directly from the business account is also called current account credit.

For newcomers, low capital companies or entrepreneurs with shaky balance sheets, such loans are often only available under difficult conditions in the business. Here a conversation with the house bank is necessarily indicated.

In any case, the bank will thoroughly review balance sheets and books of account before granting such credit to entrepreneurs. Companies that work with high sums of money and have been successful in the business for a long time often find it easier than one-man companies with uncertain future prospects.

Even companies in sensitive sectors such as gastronomy often have problems obtaining such a loan.

Special loans and grants for business start-ups

Special loans and grants for business start-ups

For business founders who want to start a business, there are various promotional programs that can be obtained on special loans at very favorable conditions. Especially in the field of innovation and environmental protection, there are interesting funding opportunities, often different from state to state.

The institute provides brochures on funding opportunities and a loan for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas, applications can be filled out and sent directly via the Internet. The employment agencies also provide information about possible loans for start-up entrepreneurs who want to become entrepreneurs.

Loans are also available for the creation of new jobs, for example, those with long-term unemployed people. Individual advice and examination of the individual case decide here about the granting of credits.

If the credit commitment is difficult, the entrepreneur can claim a personal loan. This can be done, for example, by a devotee or a good friend, not infrequently interest-free or at very favorable repayment terms. More recently, personal loans have come into fashion via the Internet.


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