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If you like winter sports but you haven’t been skiing this year, then it’s time to make sure you don’t slip off the ski season! However, before you dust off your ski boots and start to conquer snowy peaks, be sure to consider travel insurance as it can cost you millions if you are injured abroad. For maximum security, you should pay attention to these when traveling abroad.

Although there are many horror stories about traveling accidents and the amount of horror bills that result from them, there are still many who go on a trip abroad without insurance, even though you do not have to do extreme sports to get in trouble; you may need immediate care, just go bad on the old town cobblestones to sprain your ankle.


The costs of different health care costs vary from country to country

The costs of different health care costs vary from country to country

It’s a good idea to see what we can expect outside before getting on the road. It is important to be aware of the usefulness of the European Health Insurance Card within the EU, but only for primary care in your country, so you may still be covered for rescue, but you may need to have surgery, a longer hospital stay or repatriation.

Nowadays, you can choose from a wide range of insurance products, so you should thoroughly search the market to make sure you choose the one that really helps. For example, if you go skiing, check what’s in your insurance package, as some snow sports are considered extreme sports that may not be covered by all travel insurance.


Do you have insurance for your credit card?

Do you have insurance for your credit card?

Many may not be aware or simply forget that their credit card is often covered by insurance. “The advantage of credit card insurance is that they provide protection not only for one trip, but for up to 30 days on each trip throughout the year, and in some products the coverage can even extend to our family members, without necessarily having to travel together family. So value-for-money bank card insurance can be significantly cheaper, especially if we visit abroad several times a year, ” said Karolina Palazs , S-Superbank’s Banking Product Manager. For example, they have entered into an agreement with Allianz Hungária Insurance , which offers a structure that includes additional sports insurance, so their clients do not have to take out special occasional travel insurance, for example, to enjoy skiing on a designated track or dive within 18 meters in Europe.

“When applying for a new credit card, it is worth considering taking out travel insurance as well, as with a few thousand forints a year we can feel safe and know our family throughout the year. More serious travel insurance, from ankle boots to stolen luggage to helicopter rescue, can cover multiple types of accidents, wherever we start to relax, ” added S-Superbank’s Product Manager.


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