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These types of loans are usually offered by non-bank companies. If we finally decided to take advantage of this offer, let’s get acquainted with the content of the contract before signing it. We need to know exactly what the final cost of this loan will be.

People seeking this type of solutions often fell into a spiral of debt in very different circumstances, some had a delay in repayment of the loan, others did not pay USD contributions or did not pay tax to the Tax Office, while others did not regulate the maintenance. Any of these circumstances can eventually lead to seizure of bailiffs.


Can we still get a loan if we have a burden?

Can we still get a loan if we have a burden?

It depends on several factors, for example, what results from our already mentioned debt and whether it is recorded in the bases of debtors, whether due to bank loans not repaid on time, non – bank loans or other monthly fees.

We have very little – even bordering on any – chances of getting a proper loan at the bank. These are institutions that do not provide blind financing. They check our current creditworthiness, our credit history in many ways. Rather, we have no chance to hide something from them.

However, it is good to try, for example, because bank loans are much cheaper to pay off than non-bank loans. In order to check whether any bank will want to talk to us about it at all, we don’t have to go to it.

We can apply online, which can be found on each bank’s website, and wait for a response. It costs us nothing, and we can save a lot.


Non-bank loans

Another solution to our stalemate is taking a loan from a non-bank institution. However, we have to reckon with the fact that loans from this type of company are much more expensive for us, even in the cheapest options such as “Transfer in Providence”, the costs will far outweigh the traditional bank loan.

It is much easier to get financing in them, but the total cost is definitely higher.


Not very large amounts

loan amount

When our income is stable, and we need a small amount of excessive balancing between $ 1,500 and 2,000, then it is better to use payday payday payment . If we do not receive such an amount in one company, we can use several. Currently, the largest loan amount is Pivus. For borrowers for the first time it is even $ 3,000.

BitCredit will lend us up to $ 3,000 and ExtraPenny up to $ 2,000. And again something for something. We will get the money, which we usually have to pay back in full, not in installments, within 30 days, in rare cases it will be 45 or 60 days. Of course, we can apply for an extension of the repayment period, but this is associated with additional, not low costs.

This offer is quite good, for people certain of their situation and the fact that they will be able to repay the borrowed amount within 30 days.

Of course, non-bank companies also offer long-term loans to their clients. But when deciding on such a step, we must be aware that this loan can cost us dearly. Often, the cost may be the same as the loan amount itself, especially for those with a repayment period of over 12 months.

And in Polish – we borrow $ 3,000 and pay back $ 6,000. There are situations, however, that we have no other choice.

If we have to decide on something then let’s examine the Provident offer in the option of Transfer – here we will get up to 8,000 USD, the next not the most expensive proposal is presented by Aasa, where we will get up to 10,000 USD, or Takto Finance – where we will receive up to 25,000 USD. For loans over $ 10,000, we must secure it with a mortgage.

We do not pay attention to companies that offer us a loan for repayment of debt, and obtaining a loan depends on whether we pay a high advance or prepayment before the loan is granted to us. This is a waste of time and money.


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