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Sometimes it turns out that we have to take a loan, but unfortunately this is prevented by bad BIK, i.e. a negative credit history. In this situation, banks do not want to grant loans, but fortunately this is not the end of the world.


What is bad BIK?

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If we happen to be late with the repayment of the loan installment for any reason and this will be quite a significant delay, the information will go to the Credit Information Bureau. They are held for five years and most probably none of the banks will be willing to grant us a loan during this time.

And although it may seem to us that nowhere we will find such a favorable offer as in a bank, it turns out that it is not so bad at all and if we look carefully, we will be able to get a loan whose installments will be as low as in the case of credit banking.


Loans without BIK – where and how?

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If you want to get a loan without BIK , the cheapest solution is the so-called social loan . Her installments are quite low, but on the other hand she has several restrictions. First of all, as part of a social loan, we can only get small amounts, usually up to $ 1,000, assuming that we are using such an offer for the first time.

If not, we will be able to borrow more each time, but if we have not had contact with this form of borrowing before, unfortunately we will have to consider a significant limit.

The second drawback is that we will not get such a loan straight away. In principle, it is impossible to determine the exact date of obtaining it, because it depends on when you will find the so-called investors, i.e. people from whom we will actually get money. So if we are in a hurry, and we need the funds best yesterday, then the social loan option falls off in the runaway.


Non-bank companies and loans without BIK

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If a social loan is out of the question for some reason, we can also take advantage of the offer of non-bank companies. However, we must remember that frequent warnings about such companies broadcast on television are not unfounded and therefore it is worth choosing proven companies with an established position on the market.

Among them, the most advantageous offer is the option Transfer at Provident. The amount of installments is comparable to those in banks, and we can take loans without a BIK for quite a large amount – with repayment of monthly installments up to $ 8,000, and with weekly installments – up to $ 10,000 (with weekly installments being slightly more expensive than monthly ones) .

We also receive such a loan much faster than in the case of a social loan, because it is the company that becomes our investor and you do not have to look for it among private individuals.

It is true that we can find offers under which loans are carried out even faster (e.g. within a few hours) and all formalities can be settled online, but remember that most often there are higher installments and if you do not need money the same day, it’s worth the wait and save.

So as you can see, obtaining a loan without BIK is not such a problem, and the companies offering such a service guarantee us fairly competitive conditions. The most important thing is to approach the topic with calmness and prudence, and we will definitely find something that will meet our expectations and will not slim too much of our portfolio.


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